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While NFAD is officially observed on May 7th, we understand the challenges of synchronizing schedules and school. That's why we believe any day is perfect for action. Whether you're planning an NFAD event on May 7th or sometime around it, the key is to make an impact when it works for you and your campus.


Events: Invite speakers through Song for Charlie and/or use our video resources to host a workshop, screening, or seminar. Topics can range from understanding the opioid crisis to effective strategies for peer support and intervention. If you’d like to be a speaker, we can coach you on how to give a great presentation and provide you with the materials. Reach out:

Tabling: Set up an information booth on campus. Use this space to share educational materials, and engage in meaningful conversations. Our toolkit is packed with everything you need to get started.

Merch: Spread the message with purposeful merchandise. T-shirts, wristbands, and tote bags can carry powerful messages that resonate beyond your event. Contact us at to arrange for complimentary Song for Charlie and NFAD merch and swag that you can wear, use, and give away.

Social Media: Leverage the power of social media to widen your reach. Use our hashtags, share our posts, or create your own content to spark conversations and engage your online community. Check out our guide for social influencers, with scripts you can use for social videos. And don't forget to tag us so we can amplify your efforts!

Fundraising: Create a peer to peer fundraising campaign. “Friend-raising” is another great way for you to raise awareness and make an impact. Find out more at our peer to peer fundraising portal.


Ready to make a difference on your campus? Here's how to begin:

  • Talk to Your Community: Check with campus leaders about your event’s timing, their ability to provide support, and any necessities, like permits or meeting space reservations.

  • Choose Your Activity: Decide on the type of event or campaign you want to host.

  • Plan Your Event: Use our toolkit to guide your planning process.

  • Spread the Word: Use our promotional materials and social media assets to get the word out.


Every conversation, every event, and every share brings us closer to a world where the threat of fentanyl is widely recognized and combated. Together, we can turn awareness into life-saving action.


Join us. Because any day is a good day to fight fentanyl.

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